About EPC

Introduction to the Club

The Esquimalt Photography Club (EPC) has been in existence for more than 25 years. In the beginning, the Club was under the umbrella of the Esquimalt Arts Council but for many years it has been an independent entity. Our membership ranges widely over age groups and levels of photographic expertise.

Meetings & Activities

Our programme provides members an occasion to showcase their work, opportunities to learn about photography from club experts and guest speakers, and of course, to socialize.

Members are encouraged to participate in creating a congenial and rewarding experience for all club members by sharing their photos and knowledge, and by contributing pictures and/or articles to enhance the content of our website. and meetings.

Print Shows

Large format prints are showcased at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre. The annual print show at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre is highlighted with an evening launch event where everyone is invited.

We are also involved in the annual Esquimalt Festival of Arts and the Esquimalt Municipality photographing, documenting and archiving events that mark the social and historic occasions of the community.