COVID Protocols

Proof of Vaccination

Provincial Health Orders require all attendees to our indoor Club meetings to provide proof of vaccination.

From Esquimalt United Church, as of September 6 2021

Your group may chose to put precautions and requirements in place that are above and beyond what the church requires.

These protocols may be changed on short notice by Esquimalt United Church under the guidance of the UCC, PWR, or the BC Provincial Health Officer. Esquimalt United will not be responsible for loss of revenue, or expenses due to the need for your event or meeting to be cancelled.

Remind your attendees to stay home when they or anyone in their family feels
unwell, even if it’s suspected to only be a cold.

Hand sanitizing stations are provided at entrances. We ask you to encourage all
members and guests to sanitize their hands upon entry, before eating, or after person-to-person contact.

MASKS: (amended 6 Sep 2021)
All people 12 and older are required to wear a mask in indoor public spaces, regardless of their vaccination status.

Although normal social contact is again allowed, be aware of other’s comfort
zone. Hugs and other physical contact should only happen with permission.

Wheeley Hall – 75 people
Lower Hall – 50 people (EPC Meeting room)
Sanctuary – 75 people

We ask that there be no food shared at your meeting or event.

Open doors or windows (if available) in your meeting room to allow for airflow.
Please close and secure them again when you leave.

Group (EPClub) provides:
• Masks for people who forgot their own
• Receptacles for garbage, compost and recycling generated by your group,
which should then be taken with you when you leave.
Esquimalt United Church provides:
• Hand sanitizing stations
• Soap and paper towels in washrooms
• A clean environment through routine cleaning and sanitizing processes